Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Tree

When I was a child, the boxes of Christmas decorations usually came out soon after the Thanksgiving meal was eaten. My mother insisted that the tree go up Thanksgiving and that it be dismantled the day after Christmas. We always had artificial trees. Our first artificial tree was aluminum! It was silver and my mother covered it in pink balls. The tree stand base had four colored panels that would rotate. The tree would change colors as it played "Silent Night." The successive artificial Christmas trees were green with branches that resembled commode brush bristles! My mother would position herself in her favorite chair and direct where each and every ornament would go on the tree. The tree was always pretty.
I am not my mother! We have always had real trees. I love the smell and look of real trees. I am also not Martha Stewart. Our tree doesn't have a theme. It is basically our children's tree. Our decorations do not coordinate. They are a mixture of children's crafts, handmade baubbles, and gifts from friends. I also don't drag out the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving, but I wait until the last possible minute. I guess because the bulk of decorating is usually left to me. I am, shall we say, "challenged" in the decorating department. So whatever I can accomplish in a few hours is usually as good as it gets.

This will be the Princess' First Christmas! The Queen has prepped her well. The Princess is awed by all the Christmas beauty she sees. It is so precious to see Christmas through the eyes of a child!
Last Saturday we decorated our tree. Unlike my mother, the ornaments go wherever the kids place them. Usually the lower 3 feet of the tree contain the most decorations! Sometimes they are grouped in clusters with several in the same spot.
Here is The Queen hanging ornaments.

Godzilla and The Princess.

Here are a few of our favorite ornaments:

Guess who this is for?

Panda Bear finger puppets.

Glass shark.

Hand-painted, salt dough T-rex.

Hand-painted, salt dough snake.

The finished product! According to Godzilla, this is our best tree yet!


Vivian M said...

I LOVE your tree! Great job, Godzilla and Princess!

Julie said...

I think it looks awesome. Believe me, Martha doesn't live at my house either.