Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Photo

How can it be so hard to take a family photo??

The Sunday before Christmas I wanted to get a family photo as everyone had gotten a little more dressed up than usual. The boys have outgrown all of their clothes from last year, so at the last minute we were scrambling to find something for them to wear. Godzilla had no long pants that fit! Not even jeans. Since the weather here in these parts usually is mild in the winter, Godzilla hadn't needed anything but shorts so far this year.

Finally, we pulled it all together as best we could. Off to church we went.

Here is the first photo of the girls. Don't look too happy! Why didn't the flash go off?

Next we tried a photo of Captain Daddy, Beach Mama, and The Princess. For our 6-month post placement report we are required to have a photo of just the 3 of us as one of the photos. Does it matter that The Princess is looking down?

Let's try it again. Good shot, but blurry.

One more time...Princess, who are you raising your arm to??

Moving right along, let's just try the parents and the girls. It's ok, but no one really looks too happy.

Let's bring everyone in. The Queen looks like she is hiding and The Princess is looking at The Queen for "cues."
One more time... Ok, I give up. This is the Beach Crew, as good as it gets!

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Julie said...

You did better than us. I don't think we even got one picture of Brynn dressed up. We are such bad parents.