Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Visit with Santa Claus

This year our church held a live Nativity the week before Christmas. It was a special night when the Jolly Man himself left the North Pole for a few hours to come to the church to visit with the children! My children were excited about going to see Santa Claus and talked about it all day. The Queen, displaying queenly reservation, was concerned about whether we were going to the North Pole to visit Santa. I assured her that Santa was coming to our town and that we wouldn't have to travel far.

Santa Claus and #1 Elf
Godzilla was one of the first to hop up and tell Santa his wish list.

The girls, being royalty, were much more cautious. This is the Princess' first Christmas, so everything is new to her. The Princess looks to The Queen for the royal clues on behavior. If The Queen is out-going, then The Princess is out-going. If the Queen is reserved, then the Princess is reserved. Sometimes there is conflict when the Princess' heart wants to go one way, but The Queen indicates another. Anyway, The Queen gave the royal signal that she should hide behind mama! The Princess was conflicted as Santa was sitting right before her! Should she go up or shouldn't she. The Queen was definitely not!

Santa pulled out an arsenal of singing/dancing animals from his bag. How enticing! The Princess edged closer, but not quite there.

Closer and closer the royal duo moved in to see the singing animal choir.

They got close enough within in range that Santa was able to lean in so that I could take a photo.

Finally, The Princess went to Santa and told him her Christmas wish list.

Not to be out-done, The Queen bravely went to Santa. However, she quickly decided that she had changed her mind and wanted to get away.
After all of the excitement and trauma, I shared a Coca-Cola with the girls. Coca-Cola is like a magic potion to the royal girls. A few sips, and they become the most friendly, pleasant girls. Next thing I knew, they were waving to Santa, and running up and "High-Fiving" him. The Princess joined in with the singing animal band and sang and danced "Jingle Bell Rock" to Santa. Don't you know that is when the battery on my camera decided it had no juice left for me to take photos. I wish I had given the girls a sip or two of soda before we went to see Santa Claus!

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