Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sheng Ri Kuai Le, Big Tuna!

Happy 17th Birthday Big Tuna!

I can't believe that my first-born, my baby boy is 17 years old!!! I know I am not THAT old. Someone said to me yesterday that they want their children to stay little. Little is good, but it is rewarding to see your child develop into a young adult. I know being a teenager is hard (BTDT). Everyday I see more into the young man that Big Tuna is becoming, and he is becoming a wonderful young man. I have to give credit to the hand of God, as being first time parents I don't think we did things completely right in our parenting. I pray that he will one day find a woman that appreciates and loves him as he deserves to be loved.
Seventeen years ago I was watching an episode of "Roseanne" that had me laughing so-o hard that I jokingly said that if I didn't stop laughing I would go into labor. I didn't stop laughing and I did go into labor! Smack dab in the middle of tax season, and building our house, Big Tuna came into the world. I experienced for the first time in my life complete, all-consuming, unconditional love when I laid eyes on my son. All Captain Daddy could say was, "he is BEAUTIFUL!" The nurses called him "Spike" because of his unruly head of hair. He was an "only" child for 7 years until Godzilla (finally) came along.
Big Tuna now...

Little, Big Tuna circa 1995 (2 years old).
I have oftened wondered exactly who in the family Big Tuna resembles. He is built like Captain Daddy. Because he is blond, and blue-eyed, everyone says he looks like Captain Daddy and not like his red, curly-haired, green-eyed Mama. We came across a photo of Captain Daddy's father that was taken in his early 20's. The resemblence is uncanny, even down to the quirky smile. What do y'all think?
Happy Birthday my precious son. I love you so very much!


Vivian M said...

Oh yeah, he looks like his Grandpa!!!
Happy birthday!

Sonia said...

Yep, I think he looks like his grandpa, too. He's handsome, Teri! Happy Belated B-day to your Big Tuna.