Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sometimes Life is a Country Song...

Don't y'all ever feel that way? You know, when anything and everything seems to be going not like you planned.

Well, that has kind of been the way it is around here. It is "tax season" and Captain Daddy is very, very busy. I feel like a single parent from mid-January to April 15th. "Twang, twang."

The Princess hit the post-surgery Days 5-7 which are the worst for pain. She is also very tired of her soft foods diet. I must admit that I have induldged myself with several mini ice cream sandwiches so she doesn't feel like the only one having to go through it. Sounds like real motherly sacrifice, huh? I've also had to let The Queen imbibe in the dairy-rich soft foods diet (yougurt, ice cream, pudding, etc.) The effect on The Queen has been a different problem. The Queen has suffered from chronic constipation since we adopted her. The soft foods diet compounded the problem to the point of, well let's just say, something getting stuck. So one can't take real food in, and one can't get it out. "Twang, twang."

My less than a year old, BUT still under warranty washing machine malfunctioned during a load of washing. Last spring we purchased the front-loading, pedastal type wahser and dryer. So while the washer kept beeping and flashing code "OE" I couldn't find the manual with the troubleshooting guide. I thought I had left it on top of the washer so it would be handy. As my washer continued to fill with water non-stop, I grabbed a ladder, climbed on top of the washer, and there on the floor behind the washer laid the manual. Did you know that you can't reach behind those darn things? I finally had to grab the vacuum cleaner, hoist it on top of the washer with me and suction the manual so I could move it from behind the washer. Of course all of this was going on while I was cooking supper. I turn to the troubleshooting guide and the code "OE" meant that the water level sensor wasn't working and to call for service. I had to get back on top of the washer to manual cut the water off at the valve because it continued to fill even after I turned the washer off. Now I had a very wet, soapy load of unwashed clothes to deal with. "Twang, twang."

We won't even get into all that is going on in this country and the economy and the havoc it is having on all of us. "Twang, twang."

But today is a new day! The sun is shining, the temps will be in the 70's, the washer repairmen will be out this afternoon, I don't have any where that I have to be today, I am working on an awesome Bible study "Ester," and The Queen goes to her first soccer practice! Tomorrow is Big Tuna's birthday and we have lots of baking to do. God is never far away. Even when He seems silent, He is there. We just have to seek Him and trust in Him. "Strum-m-m-m."
UPDATE - My washing machine won't be fixed until some time late NEXT week at the EARLIEST! Gee wiz. Do y'all know how much laundry a family of 6 can make in one day? I washed 4 loads of laundry at the laundromat yesterday. I had to drive 20 miles there, 20 miles back, and it cost $10! I hope my washer will be fixed soon!


Vivian M said...

Sorry to hear you strumming and twanging away! This too shall pass. Wishing the Big Tuna a very happy birthday!
What size is Princess wearing by the way?

Vivian M said...

Sorry to hear you strumming and twanging away! This too shall pass. Wishing the Big Tuna a very happy birthday!
What size is Princess wearing by the way?

Beach Mama said...


The Princess wears a 3T.

Sonia said...

Sorry about the washing machine woes. We've had 'em, too, recently. We were blessed with a used one since due to the economy woes (and our personal economy issues) we couldn't buy a new one. And we don't have constipation issues, we have the opposite. But I am so feeling your country song, Girl!