Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yep, it's Spring!

Here's a little quiz:
Can you identify the objects in the following picture, and when present together, what do they indicate????

Hairy Knuckles? Dish-pan hands? Noseeums??

Basilisk? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Copperhead snake? Corn snake?

Newest galaxy identified by the Hubble telescope? Pine pollen???

If you answered: Noseeums, corn snake, and pine pollen, you are correct!! Together they indicate that Spring is here in the southeast, even if the temperatures don't want to cooperate. Yes, spring is here.
This past weekend Godzilla came down with strep throat. After the horrible winter and all of the illnesses, I couldn't wait for the first semi-warm day when I could open a few windows and start airing out this germy house. So as the temperature crept up into the high 60's, I turned off the heat and threw open a few windows. It felt good to smell fresh air in the house. But, as the day went on everything in my house became coated with the powdery, yellow pine pollen. Yuck! I swear you can see it in the air just floating around. Now they say pine pollen doesn't cause allergies. I say, come on down and take a few deep breaths and tell me pine pollen doesn't cause allergies! I feel like I'm suffocating as each one of those pollens enters my lungs! Not to mention we all now have watery, goopy eyes, and runny noses. We look lovely!
One of thing about having cats is that they always find the creepy crawly things. Yesterday as we were outside overdosing on the pine pollen, but enjoying the warm weather, I noticed KitKat pawing at something in the flower (i.e. weed) bed. She would poke something with her claw less paw then hop backward. Hum, looked like she had found herself something interesting. Sure enough, there was a snake. A little snake. I have always had a hard time telling the difference between a copperhead and corn snake. They look very similar. I picked the snake up and put it out in the woods behind the house, just in case it was a copperhead. After researching, it appears that it was a harmless corn snake. I hope the cat didn't damage it too much. I don't mind snakes being around, just not too close to the house where the kids are playing.
Y'all familiar with Noseeums? Those miserable, all-but invisible, blood-sucking irritants show up whenever you have something to do outdoors. They don't make a bug repellent that can keep those nasty little things off! We also like to call them sand gnats. They'll drive you crazy when you are sitting and watching your child's soccer game. Sort of like a toothache, they just won't go away. And when you start hootin' and hollerin' you end up swallowing them! Yuck!!
Yep, those are sure signs of spring!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sean Hannity and the Order of Conservatism - Spoof

Godzilla has been in a "Harry Potter" phase lately. Actually, we all have. Big Tuna finally got around to reading the last two books. Anyway, Godzilla is currently reading "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Year 3)." We also have the Harry Potter movies, so we have been watching them too. I have read all of the Harry Potter books so I can discuss the books with my kids.

The other night, Godzilla wanted to watch the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" DVD. I was listening/watching sporadically as I performed our nightly routines. At one point I just stopped what I was doing because I thought to myself, "Gosh, this is eerily like what is going on in America today." So, as I sat down to watch the rest of the movie with Godzilla, my mind kept making comparisons of current issues with the movie. So here is my "Spoof" of the HP and the Order of the Phoenix:

Please indulge my silliness or turn away now.

"Sean Hannity and the Order of Conservatism"


In the first 100 days of the Obama Administration, Sean Hannity faces challenges at every turn, from the threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be- Named and the unreliability of the liberal government of the U.S.A., to the rise of Michael S. Steel as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Along the way he learns about the strength of his friends, the fierceness of his enemies, and the meaning of sacrifice.

Conservative Cast:

Sean Hannity (Harry Potter) - Defender on Conservatism in the U.S.A. Target of many liberal politicians including the President. (I picture Sean with a scar on his forehead shaped as the letter "C" instead of a lightening bolt.) Leader of "Hannity's Army."

Rush Limbaugh (Ron Weasley) - Co-defender of Conservatism in the U.S.A. It is Rush’s talent on "loan from God", his heart, and humor that keep Americans informed on the evil doings of the current administration.

Ann Coulter (Hermione Grainger) - Ally to Sean and Rush, Ann is resourceful, principled and brilliant.

Ronald Reagan (Albus Dumbledore) - Okay, so he isn't alive but if he were. Ronald Reagan is considered one of the greatest Conservatist of modern times. He is particularly famous as the President of the U.S.A. (1980-1989), defeating liberal Jimmy Carter. During his presidency Ronald Reagan pursued policies that reflected his personal belief in individual freedom, brought changes domestically, both to the U.S. economy, and expanded military, and contributed to the end of the Cold War.

Hannity's Army (Dumbledore's Army) - Those dedicated to bringing the U.S.A. back to its conservative roots.

Taxeaters (Deatheaters) Cast:

President Obama (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) - Radical, most liberal president of the U.S.A. Formed close associations with radical creatures such as, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, ACORN, William Ayers. During this reign of terror, civil rights are being done away with as the government expands to take control of everything. Motto -"No crisis shall go to waste."

Rohm Emmanuel (Lucious Malfoy) - Second in command to HWMNBN. Emmanuel uses his position to wield considerable power to the Administration (aka "reign of terror").

Nancy Pelosi (Delores Umbridge) - Speaker of the House, Inquisitor, maker of rules to fit whatever she wants.

Taxeaters (Deathers) - The liberal, elected officials that continue to support and pass all of these atrocious "stimulus bills, bailouts, and budgets" of HWMNBN. The result will be "generational theft" to future generations.

Liberals (Dementors) - The minions that follow HWMNBN. Get too close to a liberal and every good feeling, every good memory will be sucked out of you. You will be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life. They feed off positive human emotions; a large crowd is like a feast to them. They will drain a conservative if left with them too long.

Curses/Spells used by the Taxeaters:

Stupify Spell- A spell placed on individuals to render them senseless and turn them into a liberal.

Imperious Curse - One of the "Unforgivable Curses." This spell cause the victim to be completely under the command of the caster, causing the victim to do anything the caster wishes. Used in the House & Senate.

Cruciatus Curse - Also known as Obama's Budget Plan. Another "Unforgivable Curse." This curse cause the taxpayer to suffer intolerable financial pain as tax increases help to "spread the wealth around." Prolonged use of this curse can render the taxpayer insane.

Avada Kedavra Curse - Also known as Obama's Economic Stimulus Plan. The MOST unforgivable of the "Unforgivable Curses." This curse causes instant death to the free market system and the world as we know it. There is no counter curse and the result is that this debt will be passed along to our grandchildren's grandchildren.

Do you see any similarities? I could go on and on, but I have probably offended many by this point. I just thought it was ironic, eerie, and a little scary. It is funny in a not so funny sort of way. The way this country is heading has me terrified.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Your Prayers, Please

My heart is so heavy. In spite of all of the horrific news of our nation, the worst is knowing there is a small child that is very sick. Children are my passion. I want to make everything all better for them, take away their hurts, pain, suffering. I know that only God can really do all that. I will do what He allows me to do for them. So for now, all I can do is pray and ask others to pray for two sweet children.
The first child is sweet, McMiracle, Stellan. You may learn more about him at www.mycharmingkids.com or just click on the button on my sidebar.
The second child is Claire. You may learn more about Claire at http://chooseyethisday.blogspot.com.
Thank you.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Teaser

Captain Daddy has saltwater running through his veins. He was born and raised in this coastal paradise ands enjoys all things related to the ocean. Last Sunday the weather hinted at spring. This happens alot downeast. A few days of cold followed by a few days of warm weather. The sun was shining and the temps inland were about 70 degrees. Anything above 40 degrees is boating weather, according to Captain Daddy. Since we were coming out of our flu exile Captain Daddy thought the best medicine would be to douse all of our sick germs with some salt air and seawater. Keep in mind that the beach temps were at least 10 degrees less (60s-50s with the winds) and water temps are at about 55 degrees.
We piled onto the boat and headed over to the inlet. There has been considerable beach erosion this winter. In fact, one of the barrier islands is all but gone! We got out and settled onto the beach to detox!

I looked to see that the girls had taken their skorts off and were down to their undies.

Next thing you know, they are wading in the cold, cold water and enjoying it!

It is all fun and games until someone......

falls into the water!
Look at that face!

However, it is not enough to...

stop the fun!

It is always a good day when you are at the beach, no matter the temperature!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Little Piggy......

I have friends that would literally "work for shoes." In fact, they probably do because I seldom see them wear the same pair more than once. I have never understood the fascination/obsession with shoes. Maybe it is because growing up in the south I went barefoot all summer long (March through October). I hated when school started and I'd be forced to wear a pair of new shoes! The only time that I guess I owned more than a couple of pair of shoes would be when I was in my teens. When spring would roll around I would head for the nearest beach store and buy a pair of flip-flops in every color (2 pair /$1.00) so I could easily coordinate with all of my hawaiian-print clothes! Even today I have 2 pair of black shoes (dressy & casual), 2 pair of Sanuks, and 4 pair of flip-flops (leather, gold, silver, and red).
My first children were boys. Shoes were and are of none importance to them. A couple of pair of shoes (sneakers and topsiders) are all you need. The only exception was when playing sports then you needed the appropriate footwear/equipment.
Then along came the Royal Duo. I'll never forget the time when the Queen (approximately 2 years old) and I were hurriedly shopping at a store when she spotted a display and stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed, "look at those shoes and the purse!"
At any point in time there are at least 6 pairs of shoes in my vehicle (affectionately known as the Bus). The Queen has taught me that you never know when you will need to change your shoes. Usually it can be 2 or 3 times before you arrive at your destination! Hence, my girls have more pairs of shoes than I can count.
We recently went to Walmart and went on a shoe-binge. You have to get your summer shoes early. Plus, we are really ready for spring and new summer shoes help to get your toes ready to wiggle freely.

The Princess and The Queen wearing the modern version of the flip-flop.

The duo wearing the "you can never go wrong with white" modern version of the flip-flop.

Canvas shoes for those "closed-toe" times.

Ah-h, the awesome, all-purpose, OP flip-flops.

The Cinderella-style shoes.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome From the House of Flu

What day is it? Really? It's been a whole week since the Flu came to visit. This unwelcome guest has been no fun and I am hoping that it will leave soon. I have the windows open in an attempt to encourage this virus to get a move on it. I have spent more time in the presence of Big Tuna since the flu came. I guess in a strange sort of way, the "flu is the glue that keeps this family together." I've had all 4 of my children sitting/laying in the same room at the same time.
The royal duo has run amok all week. I don't think there is a stitch of clothes in their dresser and I think they have worn everything they own (mostly at one time) since Mama could do nothing but lay on the couch. It's gonna be a tough week ahead for them as I regain my strength and position! They were really concerned for their ole' Mama. They would come up to me and lay their heads on my blanket and whisper, "I love you," "I'm sorry you are sick," "I'm sorry I screamed at you." Then they would pile all kinds of "comfort" things on me (books, toys, play food.) They were attentive to my medical needs and tried to stick a clothes pin on my tongue to take my temperature. I got all kinds of shots and doses of medicine. I had to start feeling better before they hurt me!
We have lost a whole week of school, soccer, scouts, and Bible study. I think my outside pets have started fending for themselves as handouts have been scarce. Maybe they will move on down the street to another house, or better yet go back to their house. On a positive note, I haven't eaten much for a week. I have noticed though, that the eczema that has been brutal on my hands has gone away as well as the acne break out I have struggled with on my chin. Maybe by having a fever it cooked everything toxic out of my body.
The weather is spring-like today. I hope spring is here to stay. This has been a real winter.