Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Teaser

Captain Daddy has saltwater running through his veins. He was born and raised in this coastal paradise ands enjoys all things related to the ocean. Last Sunday the weather hinted at spring. This happens alot downeast. A few days of cold followed by a few days of warm weather. The sun was shining and the temps inland were about 70 degrees. Anything above 40 degrees is boating weather, according to Captain Daddy. Since we were coming out of our flu exile Captain Daddy thought the best medicine would be to douse all of our sick germs with some salt air and seawater. Keep in mind that the beach temps were at least 10 degrees less (60s-50s with the winds) and water temps are at about 55 degrees.
We piled onto the boat and headed over to the inlet. There has been considerable beach erosion this winter. In fact, one of the barrier islands is all but gone! We got out and settled onto the beach to detox!

I looked to see that the girls had taken their skorts off and were down to their undies.

Next thing you know, they are wading in the cold, cold water and enjoying it!

It is all fun and games until someone......

falls into the water!
Look at that face!

However, it is not enough to...

stop the fun!

It is always a good day when you are at the beach, no matter the temperature!


Vivian M said...

Oh what a cute puckered up face! Glad you all got to enjoy some Spring fresh air and sunshine!

Kendra said...

What adorable pictures!! That warm spurt made me ache for summer!

Sonia said...


Those are the cutest pics!! That face is adorable. I'm ready for spring, too! Thanks for sharing!