Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome From the House of Flu

What day is it? Really? It's been a whole week since the Flu came to visit. This unwelcome guest has been no fun and I am hoping that it will leave soon. I have the windows open in an attempt to encourage this virus to get a move on it. I have spent more time in the presence of Big Tuna since the flu came. I guess in a strange sort of way, the "flu is the glue that keeps this family together." I've had all 4 of my children sitting/laying in the same room at the same time.
The royal duo has run amok all week. I don't think there is a stitch of clothes in their dresser and I think they have worn everything they own (mostly at one time) since Mama could do nothing but lay on the couch. It's gonna be a tough week ahead for them as I regain my strength and position! They were really concerned for their ole' Mama. They would come up to me and lay their heads on my blanket and whisper, "I love you," "I'm sorry you are sick," "I'm sorry I screamed at you." Then they would pile all kinds of "comfort" things on me (books, toys, play food.) They were attentive to my medical needs and tried to stick a clothes pin on my tongue to take my temperature. I got all kinds of shots and doses of medicine. I had to start feeling better before they hurt me!
We have lost a whole week of school, soccer, scouts, and Bible study. I think my outside pets have started fending for themselves as handouts have been scarce. Maybe they will move on down the street to another house, or better yet go back to their house. On a positive note, I haven't eaten much for a week. I have noticed though, that the eczema that has been brutal on my hands has gone away as well as the acne break out I have struggled with on my chin. Maybe by having a fever it cooked everything toxic out of my body.
The weather is spring-like today. I hope spring is here to stay. This has been a real winter.


Kay Bratt said...

That flu bug is nasty! It's been here in my hacienda, is sending you a Get Well Wish!

Shanna said...

Oh NO!! The flu is so awful! We have managed to avoid it so far.
Sounds like you are on the mend. You will probably have shaky knees for a while.
Feel Better!!!
Hugs to you~

Vivian M said...

Get well soon! I know just how horrible having the flu is first hand. Glad you had plenty of "nurses" to help you feel better!