Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yep, it's Spring!

Here's a little quiz:
Can you identify the objects in the following picture, and when present together, what do they indicate????

Hairy Knuckles? Dish-pan hands? Noseeums??

Basilisk? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Copperhead snake? Corn snake?

Newest galaxy identified by the Hubble telescope? Pine pollen???

If you answered: Noseeums, corn snake, and pine pollen, you are correct!! Together they indicate that Spring is here in the southeast, even if the temperatures don't want to cooperate. Yes, spring is here.
This past weekend Godzilla came down with strep throat. After the horrible winter and all of the illnesses, I couldn't wait for the first semi-warm day when I could open a few windows and start airing out this germy house. So as the temperature crept up into the high 60's, I turned off the heat and threw open a few windows. It felt good to smell fresh air in the house. But, as the day went on everything in my house became coated with the powdery, yellow pine pollen. Yuck! I swear you can see it in the air just floating around. Now they say pine pollen doesn't cause allergies. I say, come on down and take a few deep breaths and tell me pine pollen doesn't cause allergies! I feel like I'm suffocating as each one of those pollens enters my lungs! Not to mention we all now have watery, goopy eyes, and runny noses. We look lovely!
One of thing about having cats is that they always find the creepy crawly things. Yesterday as we were outside overdosing on the pine pollen, but enjoying the warm weather, I noticed KitKat pawing at something in the flower (i.e. weed) bed. She would poke something with her claw less paw then hop backward. Hum, looked like she had found herself something interesting. Sure enough, there was a snake. A little snake. I have always had a hard time telling the difference between a copperhead and corn snake. They look very similar. I picked the snake up and put it out in the woods behind the house, just in case it was a copperhead. After researching, it appears that it was a harmless corn snake. I hope the cat didn't damage it too much. I don't mind snakes being around, just not too close to the house where the kids are playing.
Y'all familiar with Noseeums? Those miserable, all-but invisible, blood-sucking irritants show up whenever you have something to do outdoors. They don't make a bug repellent that can keep those nasty little things off! We also like to call them sand gnats. They'll drive you crazy when you are sitting and watching your child's soccer game. Sort of like a toothache, they just won't go away. And when you start hootin' and hollerin' you end up swallowing them! Yuck!!
Yep, those are sure signs of spring!


Tricia said...

I hate the snakes. I don't mind the nice ones though. They eat the mice and don't try to get us. My girls love snakes. I have to be careful. I have tried to impress upon them how dangerous it is to approach one. I hope they listen.

Tricia said...

Title: Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

Here is a recipe Isabel gave us. We love it. I think we have cooked it 4 times so far. Emogene and Hattie LOVE it.

20 chicken wings (about 3 per person)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup dark soy sauce
1 chopped green onion
1 dried aniseed (star anise)
1 liter of Coca Cola

Take thawed chicken wings and cut three slits on each side of the wing. This will allow the sauce to flavor throughout the wing. Put them into a collander. Salt them liberally. Set them aside for five minutes.
While the chicken is waiting, pour the oil into a deep and wide pot. I use the turbo cooker. It is best if you have a pot with a lid. Heat the oil on high for 4 minutes. Put the aniseed in the oil and leave it for 1 minute. Then add the chopped green onion. Let it cook on medium. While the onion cooks, rinse the salt off of the chicken. Then add half of the soy sauce into the pot. Place 10 of the chicken wings into the pot. Rotate them until the soy sauce has colored all of the outsides of the wings. Place the rest of the wings in the pot. Pour the remaining soy sauce on the top and rotate your new chicken until it is colored by the soy sauce. Then pour enough coke to just cover the chicken wings. You may not need the whole liter. The amount you need depends on the type of pot you used. Then cook them covered on high for 10 minutes, then let them simmer for 20 minutes. Check to make sure the chicken is done before serving. We serve this on top of rice with a little of the Coca Cola gravy. We like to serve grilled zucchini on the side.

Sonia said...

You are the woman!! You picked that snake up?? Honey, I would have run and called someone else to get the hoe out and kill it. I don't think there are any nice ones... Seriously, I know I've always been told black snakes keep other snakes away. So they are ok, as long as I don't see them. Really, though, I am just terrified of all of them.

And yes, Spring is here, too. We used to live in the Eastern part of SC and in South GA, so I know about the no see 'ems and the pine pollen (which we also get here...) Those are sure signs!