Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have to say how much I admire all of those savvy bloggers that can post to their blogs everyday! I can't keep up. I have all of these ideas for blogs with little time to do it. So instead of being witty, funny, and silly, it is just a run down of our everyday, humdrum, life. I feel the need to catch up and again it's pretty dry stuff.

Godzilla has been pretty busy lately. He finally completed his WEBELOS badge requirements and has advanced to WEBELOS II. The Cub Scout pack had their cross-over ceremony on Saturday. [QUIZ; Can you tell me what WEBELOS stands for????].

This is the bridge that the boys actually climb up and cross over. Last year it was a rope bridge (sort of like a tightrope), and needless to say some of the boys had problems crossing..

Big Tuna's job for the ceremony is to bang the drum.

These ceremonies usually involve the Order of the Arrow to add to the ambiance. For those not familiar with Boy/Cub Scouts, there is this whole "Jungle Book/American Indian" theme that goes throughout.

The girls managed to do pretty good throughout the ceremony.

This is Godzilla crossing the bridge. You can see him, right??? They always hold the various ceremonies either by candlelight/campfire/dusk. For an amateur photographer as myself, this wreaks havoc for me trying to get the right setting on the camera. I must have changed the setting about 15 times and it still didn't come out!
Yesterday as I was driving home, I found a big turtle in the road in front of my house. I was afeard that a car would run over the cute thang so I picked it up to move it out of the way. I don't know where Turtle thought he was going, but I think he was quite lost. I showed Turtle to the girls who immediately began screaming. Godzilla was pretty excited about it. We took Turtle to the ditch along our property to set him free. Hopefully Turtle will come back for a visit when it is time for Godzilla to work on his Amphibian/Reptile Merit Badge.

Godzilla holding Turtle who didn't like all of the attention.
Smile and say cheese!


Sonia said...


I love your posts. They seem a lot like my life sometimes. And I love the "afeared" reference.

You ain't really from around hyar ere ya? That's how us western NC hillbillies talk. Afeared is a word we hear a lot.

And tell Godzilla congratulations, even though we don't know what webelos stands for... are you going to share?

Beach Mama said...

WEBELOS, for those of you that aren't Scouting oriented means WE BE LOyal Scouts:)