Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tax Season/Spring Break/Lawrence Welk

Does the title even make sense???
Captain Daddy is a CPA by profession. For the past 3.5 months he has been up to his eyeballs in tax returns and clients. This is the final stretch, but also the most "taxing" time of tax season. It is also "Spring Break" from school. It's hard being on vacation when Captain Daddy is working so hard! We don't get to see a lot of Captain Daddy during this "season." So when he called home late Saturday afternoon and asked if we wanted to go out in the boat, we jumped at the chance to spend some family time with him.
The weather is now somewhat "spring-like" though still not up to the usual warm temps we are so fond of this time of year.

No, that isn't sunburn. That's the look of being a Popsicle.

Captain Daddy and the girls went for a stroll on the beach while the girls kept trying to pull Captain Daddy into the cold, cold water.

After returning home and taking baths, the girls crawled onto Captain Daddy's lap. Captain Daddy was watching the local PBS channel when old re-runs of Lawrence Welk came on. The girls became totally mesmerized by the show! All the fancy dresses, big hair, music, and singing (just look at the TV screen in the photo)!!!

There was no way that the Royal Duo could sit still! Off they went to dress up and put on a show for us!
I'm actually glad that they like to watch "Lawrence Welk." There really aren't any family shows anymore (like The Carol Burnett Show, etc.) that you can watch as a family anymore. So, I guess we will start watching Lawrence Welk more often!


Kim said...

Glad you guys got to have some special family time together. Looks like everybody had fun even if it was a little cold! That's so funny about Lawrence Welk. My two love it, too!

Vivian M said...

What fun! Hopefully tax season will be over soon for Capt. Daddy.
I miss the old shows too...especially I Love Lucy!