Monday, May 11, 2009

A Prayer For Parents - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Yesterday I started a post about Mother's Day and did not get a chance to finish. This isn't that post, but a new one. Friday I went to the Mother's Day Tea at the girls' preschool. Let me tell you that they really know how to treat us Mamas! The theme this year was "A Beach Party for You." Yes, I felt very much at home:) Each year a speaker talks to us and this year the chosen speaker talked of the 10 Commandments (Ladies, remember your children are watching you). She also handed out this prayer for us. I'd like to present it here. I do not know that author of this prayer, but it could have been written by anyone of us Mamas.
Oh God, make me a better parent. It is the most important job in the world and one for which there is no prior training.
Help me to understand my children, to listen patiently to what they have to say and to respond to their questions kindly.
Keep me from interrupting and contradicting them.
Help me to be as courteous to them as I would have them be to me.
Give me the courage to confess my sins against my children and the generosity of spirit to ask them for forgiveness when I know I have done wrong.
Forbid that I should laugh at their mistakes or resort to shame or ridicule.
Oh Lord, reduce the meanness in me.
May I cease to nag. When I am out of sorts, help me, please, to hold my tongue and keep my temper under control.
Blind me to the insignificant shortcomings of my children and help me to see the good things they do.
Give me a ready word for honest praise. Make me ever mindful that they need the nurturing that comes with encouragement and appreciation for their small successes.
Help me to remember that my children are only children so that I may not expect from them the judgement of adults.
Allow me not to rob them the opportunity to wait on themselves, to think for themselves, and to make their own mistakes.
Forbid that I should never punish them as a means of ridding myself of anger and frustration. Help me top exercise reason and control.
May I grant them all wishes that are sensible and give me the courage to withhold a privilege when I know it might do them harm.
Make me fair and just, considerate and companionable, so they will have genuine esteem, respect and affection for me.
Make me fit to be loved and imitated by my children for this is the greatest compliment of all.


Sonia said...

I love the poem, but it cuts me a bit. If you don't mind I'll steal it and share it on mine...

Beach Mama said...


Feel free to use this prayer on your blog. I think parents need all of the prayer in the world for the task we have raising our children. The prayer hit home with me in a few spots and I know I need prayer.

Vivian M said...

I SO need to memorize this prayer!!!

Thank you, THANK YOU!!! for the wonderful surprise mailing Kerri received. She loved the personalized card, the Mermaid book and especially the map (that was her favorite thing!) I personally loved the book about your home state and have read it to Kerri several times!
When I get home and catch up, I will post a proper thank you on my blog with the pictures I took of Kerri and her package. You all just made her day! (And I will catch up on your blog too!)
We are heading home this weekend, so I will wave as we drive by!