Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Know You are a Southerner When...

you look in your pantry and you have not just 1-1lb bag of Grits, BUT 3-1lb bags of Grits! In addition, you have not just 1-1lb bag of Hushpuppy Mix, but also 3-1lb bags of Hushpuppy Mix (you do know what a Hushpuppy is, don't you?). And don't forgit the jar of Molasses on the shelf above for sopping up with a biscuit! Yes, those are the quantities of those STAPLE items in my pantry as I write. I won't go into detail on how many bags of Corn Meal are on the shelf:).

I love being a southerner and living in the south. We embrace our own uniqueness. So I present to you here a few other "tell-tell" signs if you were to encounter a southerner.

  • When a Southerner orders "tea" at a restaurant it is understood to mean SWEET, Iced-tea, not unsweet tea. No siree! We like our tea sweeter than a Coca-Cola.

  • Barbeque is PORK and cooked on a pig-cooker with vinegar-based sauce. None of that tomato stuff fer us. And don't forget a side of Brunswick Stew.

  • Boiled peanuts are yummy, and are sold at roadside stands, or in front of a store, sort of like Girl Scout cookies.

  • When you start seeing RC Cola in vending machines, you are probably so far south that you may need a passport to get home.

  • Speaking of soda, other favorites are Cheerwine, Sundrop, and Dr. Pepper. You can get your Dr. Pepper and Sundrop not only in a "diet" variety, but also "caffeine-free." Oh, and we say SODA, not pop:).

  • You know the difference between a Hissy Fit and a Coniption.
  • We also say "ma'am" no matter the age of the female being addressed.

Can you think of any? I don't have time to as I now have to go tend to my young-un.


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I love it!
East has met southern at our house, too, and we DON'T eat oatmeal.
And, do you know some people put sugar in their grits?
That's just gross!
mom to Josie-Tatum

Vivian M said...

You can add this one too:
"You all" is used instead of just plain "you". As in: "You all come back now, you hear!"

And what about collard greens and other Cracker Barrel favorites?

(My parents still live in the good ole South, where the Rebel flag is still displayed and boiled peanuts are sold on the side of the road too!).

Vivian M said...

PS: Check out my blog, under title: "Trip pictures" to see Kerri opening the envelope you sent her!

Jennifer said...

Love It!

I found myself saying, yep to many of them. ;)

Sonia said...

Our front porches have wooden swings, our trees have tire swings, and our Southern matriarchs speak in hushed tones and slow drawls about menopausal mood swings.

Don't forget the livermush, which I understand you can't get north of the Mason Dixon line.

Also, Dukes mayo... Can't get that lots of places, too. It's a southern thing I am told.