Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Your Purse-onality?

According to "In Your Purse: Archeology of the American Handbag" by Kelly Styring, the average woman owns 10 purses and the average purse contains 67 items and weighs 3.4 pounds. For more information on this purse research you can visit
A few years ago, I attended a Women of Faith conference. One of the speakers was Anita Renfroe, a Christian comedienne. She did a hilarious analysis of women's handbags. Here is a modified version of her analysis along with my purse-onality.
There are four purse analogies.

1. More Is More Better
This lady is the one who never really got over carrying the diaper bag and still wishes she had something that large. She normally has like a full snack bar and a working pharmacy down in her bag and is prepared for every situation in life.
The upside: Should you ever find yourself in jail, she'll be the only one in your group of friends with a MacGyver 7-in-1 tool to bust you out.

Example of "More is Better."
2. Basic Tiny Toter
This girl can get the whole contents of her day into seven square inches. I don't really understand this woman, but you can bet if she can do this that she's got some control issues. She probably pays her bills ahead of time and has her sheets tucked in real tight on the corners of her bed.
The upside: Should you ever find yourselves in jail, she'll be the only one with the unlimited AMEX who can bail you out.

Example of "Basic Tiny Toter."

3. Serial Monogamist
This woman gets one purse and sticks with it for 12 years. She's the kind of person for whom you occasionally have to do what we call "a purse intervention." Now she's also loyal and if she'll stay with this purse for 12 years she'll hang with you.
The upside: Should you ever find yourself in jail, she's the only one in your group of friends who'll be out on the sidewalk holding a candlelight vigil with a sign that says, "My friend is innocent."

Example of "Serial Monogamist."

4. Purse Schizophrenic
This woman changes her purses more often than she changes her underwear. Sometimes she doesn't know how she's going to feel after lunch so she'll occasionally carry a purse inside of her purse just in case her mood changes.
The upside: If you find yourself in jail, she's normally the reason why you're there, BUT she's also the one who'll sit right there with you in that jail cell saying, "Honey, isn't that the best fun we ever had?"

Example of "Purse Schizophrenic."

Okay, let's take a look at mine.

Um. It's a boat bag. But wait! Let's take a look inside shall we?

Inside of the boat bag are: my "purse", change of clothes for the Royal Duo, dirty socks found in our vehicle, tap shoes, my unfinished Bible study, snacks, toy binoculars, a princess ring, and used Kleenexes.

My "purse" is actually a small diaper bag that I have used for 5 years. See.

Compartment for a bottle. Note: None of my children drink a bottle.

Slot for diapers. Note: All of my children are potty trained! And yes, there is a Swiss army knife in my "purse."

So what does this say about me?

Apparently, I encompass ALL of the purse-onality analogies. I am a "More-is-Better-Basic-Tiny-Toter-Serial-Monogamist-Purse-Schizophrenic! You'd be blessed to have me as a friend should you land in jail:).
Apparently, I have passed along this trait to my girls.

The Princess with her princess purse And Dora backpack. There is probably another handbag stuffed in the backpack.

The Queen is no exception!
We are good to go!


Kim said...

Cute! I'm definitely a serial monogamist. Actually, if I could figure out how to do it I would do without a purse all together. I'm always amazed by those women who have tens or hundreds of purses.

Fritter Chicks™ said...

Very cute! I actually love the boat one! Lots of places to put all kinds of things!!

Sonia said...

This was a cool post!! I am between 1 and 3. Trying to do better. Tried being a number 2. Too much stress. Number 4? Too much stress. I usually carry the purse that looks cool but it's a big leather hobo bag... but then I haul all my stuff in a totebag, TOO!! The only reason I don't put the purse in there is it's too big...

Tricia said...

Immediately stop what you are doing and go to . That diaper bag needs to be retired and I know just where you can get a new one.
:) This was a cute post. I don't think I'm any of those. I don't have the money to change purses often, but my sisters and mother get me new purses for Christmas because they can't stand that they are close to #4, and I use the same purse for every outfit. I'm hoping my Thirty-One business will help me do better with changing purses occasionally.

Charlene said...

I've gotten very lazy since adding our sweet, busy 2 year old Shuangshuang! I pretty much just stick my wallet (an old money clip sort of thingy that was my husbands!) in my pocket (often cargo capris), clip my phone to my waist and I'm off! The diapers stay in the car... I think I need a purse! Might make me feel more girly!

P. S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was time for me to get a good sleeper. God knew I needed one that dropped and napped whenever and wherever she was tired! We are having a FANTASTIC trip--just going with the flow and rolling with it...

Laura L. said...

Oh I really love this post. It's great, and so fun.
I'm a wannabe tiny purse girl. I see those cute and tiny purses in the store and long for them, but know I could never be secure enough to leave any of the stuff I HAVE to have in my purse behind.
I'd love to be the type who changes my purse a lot. It only happens about once per season. As a matter of fact, I'm still carrying the purse I bought last fall. That's sad.
I think the inside of your purse says you are a caring and prepared mom. I do think you need an intervention though. :) Get a tote bag that stays in the car for all of the girls' gear. Get yourself a cute purse for YOU. :)

Vivian M said...

LOL! I was a serial until I had Kerri, then I went to more is better in order to carry all her stuff around. Somehow, I am still carrying her stuff four years later!