Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Sewing Projects Complete

When I got my new sewing machine for Mother's Day I became inspired to start sewing again. My old sewing machine was 30+ years old and was quite cantankerous. This new machine is more machine than I will ever use, but I love it!
I guess what inspired me most about wanting to sew again was the fact that I love the Matilda Jane line of clothing, but not the prices. I especially didn't want to pay $$ for clothes that my girls would not wear, and I couldn't be sure that they would wear it until I got it. So, I found an apron skirt pattern at Fabritopia. The pattern seemed easy enough with lots of step-by-step photos. All in all, one skirt can be made in a few hours. My skirts are not perfect, but the next ones will be better now that I know the basic assembly. Here are the results:

This is The Queen's skirt (back).

The Queen's skirt (front).

The Princess modeling her skirt. No, The Queen wouldn't wear hers. See, I told you I it is not worth the $$ to buy boutique clothes for them. I'm also glad that both girls wear the same size as The Princess can wear both:).

The Princess' skirt (back).

The Princess' skirt (front).
Tomorrow we start school and I probably won't get a chance to sew anything except repairs/mending for a while. I will make these skirts again if the girls wear/like them. Now if I can only figure out how to make the pattern in my size....


Shanna said...

my goodness! those are beautiful!! You could totally make and sell your creations. Great job :)

Beach Mama said...
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Annie said...

Very cute!!!! I wish I could sew!! Sigh!

Sonia said...

They are so cute!! You did a fabulous job. I can see those in Fall colors with some really cute legging and bloomers!

Have you seen the pattern with the bloomers attached that Sivje made? She started making her own patterns and they are cute as can be. Her blog is here:


You might like those, too.

jona said...

Yay! They are both darling and I love the fabric you used for the aprons too! I'm glad at least one of your girls will enjoy them. ;)

Vivian M said...

Very cute!

Mia said...

Love the apron look! If you sold these..I would buy one! Really cute!!