Monday, November 16, 2009

Flippies for Supper

One of the blessings about living along the coast in the fall is that there are plenty of beautiful days to enjoy the outdoors without tourists. Sunday was one of those beautiful days. As we were driving home from church we asked the Beach Crew if anyone would like to go fishing out in the boat. The girls wanted to go; the boys wanted to stay home. So after a quick lunch we headed out to enjoy the beautiful day God had made.
We went out into the ocean, but there were no signs of fish. We motored back into the creeks and found a hole that Captain Daddy remembered fishing at with his Aunt when he was a boy. The hope was to catch a few small fish. Captain Daddy had bought for the girls special, small, pink rod/reel fishing poles. The Queen remembered all of the instructions that Captain Daddy had taught her about using her fishing pole. The Princess just wanted to do her "Fish Dance."
Well, wouldn't you know as soon as the girls cast their lines that they each caught a small Black Fish. Excitement was running high! The Queen cast her line and hooked a HUGE Pig Fish. Captain Daddy told her she needed to catch three more so we could eat supper. So she set out to catch three more flippies...and she did. By the way, flippies are fisher-girl talk for "the fish flipping in the bottom of the boat."

Captain Daddy didn't get a chance to fish. His job was to bait the hooks and remove the hooks from the fishes mouths. He did a great job!

The Queen was poised for success. She found her spot and held her ground, or should a say, water.

The Princess caught a great, big.....

Toad Fish.
These aren't for eating. The have a mouth and jaw full of teeth. They totally wreck a fish hook.

The Princess informed us that what she r-e-a-l-l-y liked to do was
"r-e-l-a-x on the b-e-a-c-h."

Waiting for a strike.

The Queen caught her quota of fish and proceeded to dictate that The Princess had to catch four fish too. The Princess only wanted to do her "fish dance" and left Beach Mama to do her work.

Another Pig Fish. If you don't know what a Pig Fish is, well, first it is just good eating. Second, it makes a grunting/oinking kind of noise like a pig.

Ok, The Princess takes the credit for the fish. We kept a total of six fish, enough for a frying pan full. Thanks to the fisher-girls, we had flippies for supper!

As the sun set, we headed back to the marina.

We had a great time fishing and a great supper!


Annie said...

Looks like a perfect Southern afternoon!!! BTW, posted about your little girl again!!!

Vivian M said...

Nothing like freshly catched fish for supper! What a beautiful way to spend the day. And I have never heard of pig fish, how neat!