Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Go Power Rangers

Power Rangers never die, they just morph!
We will soon be celebrating a round of birthdays here at the sand castle. Godzilla will turn 11 and Big Tuna will turn 18. I remember Big Tuna's upcoming 1st birthday! A child's 1st birthday is a milestone (that we the parents have survived the first year!). Captain Daddy and I took little Big Tuna to Toys R Us to let him pick out his birthday gift. It was 1993. As soon as we walked into the store we entered into the world of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A big section of floor space was given over to MMPR merchandise. The MMPR TV series had just debuted in the US. I had NEVER heard of MMPR. Little Big Tuna had NEVER even seen a MMPR TV show. But we spent quite a lot of time in that section of the store. I don't even think we got past that section of the store. Little Big Tuna was entranced by the MMPR toys. He looked at, and touched everything. In the end we bought two 12-inch MMPR, a pink and a black one.
Although we had been inducted into the world of MMPR, it really took longer to "get into" MMPR. Living out in the sticks, we couldn't get cable TV (long before Satellite TV) and only received 3 TV channels, so we didn't get to watch the programming. At one point, the shows reruns came on daily in the afternoon. At that point, Big Tuna became a fan of MMPR. He spent many a day being the Red Ranger.
By 2002, the MMPR had morphed several times and were now the Wild Force Power Rangers. Godzilla was now 3 years old and discovered the MMPR NOT the Wild Force Power Rangers. I begged all of my friends with older boys for anything MMPR, and I scoured yard sales/thrift shops for the stuff. Godzilla was quite particular and he wasn't having anything but the original MMPR. A neighbor of mine gave us tons of videos along with some rather worn MMPR clothes.
My child may have looked raggedy, but he was happy.
Then a time came when the Power Rangers had morphed too many times to keep track and Godzilla lost interest. A few years ago I donated most of the videos (apparently not all of them) and toys to charity.
How was I to know that this was a BIG MISTAKE? How was I to know that 17 years later that the MMPR still had "power?" How was I to know that somehow, the original MMPR movie was still in my house just waiting for the right moment. Just waiting for Godzilla to find it and play it for The Queen and The Princess. How was I to know that my Queen and my Princess would morph into Yellow and Pink Power Rangers? Where am I going to find girl MMPR stuff????
Yes, the girls have developed a liking to the MMPR. According to the girls: The Queen is the Yellow Ranger; The Princess is the Pink (of course!) Ranger; Godzilla is the Black Ranger; Big Tuna is the White Ranger; Captain Daddy is the Blue Range; and I am Dulcea (the master warrior of Phaedos).
Rumor does have it that the original MMPR are being re-distributed this year. I'm sure Toys R Us will be there for me. Y'all have any gently used MMPR gear/toys/videos just laying around?

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Annie said...

Too funny!!!! My boys all LOVED Power Rangers!! The girls have just gotten into Rescue Hero's and, of course, we had already given away ALL of our RH stuff!! I guess PR are next:)