Friday, February 26, 2010

Partypalooza 2010

Whew! We are finally nearing the end of Partypalooza 2010! You may ask, “what is Partypalooza?” Well, that is when many birthdays and holidays are piled on back to back and we are in a state of constant celebration. So instead of giving a detailed account of every celebration, I will show you with photos.


This kicked off the season of celebration. Godzilla won 1st place in his Cub Scout den; 2nd place in the Pack for the annual Pinewood Derby. District races are yet to come.


Remember Godzilla’s 11th birthday with the Giant Donut Cake?


Happy 11th birthday Godzilla!


Then came along the official birthday party for Godzilla’s 11th week later. Godzilla and Space Godzilla meet up on Monster Island.


Godzilla invited four of his friends for pizza, cake, and to spend the night. Notice I didn’t say to “sleep” over. Because there was no sleeping. I found out later that the boys had drafted and each signed a contract to stay awake until 7:00 a.m. They did.


Who can forget the Great Snow of 2010? Not since 1989 have we had so much fun in the snow!


Are you still with me? My first born turned 18 years old! Yes, Big Tuna is now a really big Big Tuna. I just don’t think I’m old enough to have an 18 year old.

Valentine’s Day. I wanted to ignore it, but during all of this my children attended 3 separate Valentine’s parties.

I turned a year older. Yes, next I had to go and have a birthday. Usually by this point I am so tired of “events” that it doesn’t bother me if my birthday goes un-noticed. It did not this year. Captain Daddy arranged for a few close friends to come over and celebrate with an oyster roast. Now that is what I call celebrating! Thank you to all of my dear sweet friends that remembered me on my birthday.


This is what happens when an over zealous Beach Mama decides to host a small Chinese New Year tea party. Approximately 20 beautiful children and parents welcoming the Year of the Tiger (this is Godzilla’s year!).


What a blessing to have all of these families in our lives! (One day I’m going to have to take a real cake decorating class.)


Is it safe to come out for air?

Snow of 2010?


Vivian M said...

Happy birthday to you all, happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentines Day, and did I miss anything else? You have been super busy but it looks like fun!

Annie said...

Sounds like us! We have son #1 bday in Oct., Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then son #2 bday in Jan, son #3 bday in Feb, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and Daughter #1 bday in March!!! By April, I am done, til May (daughter #2 bday) and then it all starts over again! Whew!

Love your cakes!! You don't need to take a class, you need to teach one!!!

Derby Monkey said...

A big congrats to Godzilla for 1st place in his Cub Scout den and 2nd place in the Pack at the annual Pinewood Derby. I still can't figure out we he's called Godzilla:) Good luck next year at the derby!