Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

It’s been a busy and beautiful weekend.  Spring is really here.  Besides the warm (finally!) weather, spring is evident in my watery eyes and sneezing episodes that Zyrtec can’t even touch.  But mostly it is evident when there is a new baby on the block. Yes! 


Do you see her?  Our friend’s horse had a baby last week.  It has been a long anticipated event.  On Friday me and the girls went over to meet the new filly.



The mama is a gentle horse and her baby is pretty calm.  We were able to get in and pet her.  After she became used to our presence she became quite curious about the little girls in her pen.  She kept coming up and sniffing/muzzling us.  Then she wanted to play and would circle around us like she wanted to play tag.  It was so cute.

Saturday was our church’s annual picnic/Easter egg hunt.  We have it at a local park and it is always a good time.  Our church is small, so there is always a lot of eggs to be found.  We even have a section just for the adults.  I think they enjoy it as much if not more than the kiddos.

This year my children were all in different age groups which made it hard to take photos.


Getting ready for the hunt.


Big Tuna and Captain Daddy helped grill the hot dogs and hamburgers for the lunch.


Big Tuna.  Isn’t he handsome?


I accompanied The Queen to her section.  A friend of ours, Mrs. K, is adopting a beautiful little girl from China.  We can hardly wait to have another China Cousin to play with.  Anyway, since she needed some practice, she escorted The Princess to her area.  By the way, The Princess a-d-o-r-e-s Mrs. K.


The hunt begins!

DSCN3626 (2)

Nice haul!

DSCN3627 (2)


Let’s just cut to the chase and see what goodies are in here!


Yep, a good time was had by all.


Kim K. said...

I love the sleeping beauties in the backseat. I hope you had a blessed Easter. Looks like a fantastic weekend.

Annie said...

Oh yeah!! Looks like a good day:):)

little dresses said...

How sweet!! We want a horse so bad!!! That must have been so much fun for the kids!


trina said...

My favorite pictures are kiddos sleeping. Nothing cuter than tired, sleeping kids. :)