Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Family Day – 2nd Anniversary

It is hard to believe, but 2 years ago today we were in a hot and humid Civil Affairs office in Nanchang, China finalizing our adoption of The Princess.  It is hard to believe that it has been only 2 years, because it seems as though The Princess has always been a part of this family.

Here is the photo that started our journey to The Princess:


Look at those cheeks!  I took one look at that precious little face and felt like she was staring straight into my soul.  I just wanted to kiss those sweet cheeks!

This was her arrival to our hotel room.  We had just flown into Nanchang (Sunday) and I thought we would meet her on Monday.  As we were leaving the airport, our guide (Mary) informed us we be meeting The Princess in a few hours.  Talk about panic mode!  I thought we would have time to get her things together, instead I had a few minutes to rifle through our luggage and find a few things for her.


The Princess and her entourage.


Meeting The Princess for the first time.


Breakfast the next morning.


She is officially ours!


Happy Family Day, Princess!


Kim K. said...

Happy 2 years! We also traveled to Nanchang for Josie. Did you stay at the Gloria Hotel? It looks familiar.

Annie said...

Happy, happy family day:):):)