Thursday, June 17, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I realize I haven’t done a good job at posting family photos.  We have been slammed with wrapping up school, Big Tuna’s graduation, and the girls’ dance recital.  This was the girls’ first dance recital…on a big stage…in front of people.  I completely expected them not to participate, but they surprised me!  In fact, I think it awakened something in The Queen as she really liked it!

The girls danced to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by IZ (?).  Here are some photos from practices, etc.


The Queen doing the best smile she can do.  My Yellow Power Ranger.


What is this?  Are you actually posing?  And smiling at the same time?


The Princess.  Knows how to smile and pose.  It is in her genes.  My Pink Power Ranger.


I am not sure what kind of pose she was going for.


The Rainbow Girls.


Dance recital day!  Wish us luck!


Ta Da!!!!!!  Th-that's all folks!


Kim K. said...

Could they be any cuter!!! I love their rainbow colors. Josie would approve.

Laura L. said...

The girls look absolutely adorable!! Love their outfits so much. Too cute.

Shanna said...

SUPER CUTE pictures!!! OMGosh they are adorable!!!

Annie said...

VERY cute!!!!