Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chinapalooza 2010 – Preparations

As I have written, our adoption travel group holds a get together/reunion each year on about our “Gotcha Day” anniversary.  This year marks 5 years that we have had our daughters that we adopted in 2005.  Because 5 years is a kind of a milestone, well to me anyway because I want it to be, I wanted to do something special for the girls.

I wrote to one of the moms back in March, and asked if she thought the rag dolls I make would be ok to give to the girls.  She thought it was a good idea. 


So, I sort of committed to making the dolls.  I had to mentally work out all of the details.  I wanted a special fabric, I wanted to make the dolls special.  But it was right in the middle of schooling.  It was March and July was a long ways off….

So I spent the next three months ”processing” my idea.  Meaning I hadn’t done the first stitch towards making the dolls!  I finally got my “thoughts” together about a week before we left for Chicago.  I had 14 dolls to make.  Actually I had 18 to make, but 4 of the girls were not going to be at the reunion, so I will finish them before school starts…I hope.

So anyway, I began making the dolls in an assembly line fashion.  I tweaked my pattern so that each doll’s hair would be like the way each girl wears their hair, parted on the right, parted on the left, and bangs.  I wanted each doll to be be different yet have something in common.  The fabric I used for the bodies was the same design, but in the each girl’s favorite color.  All of the skirts were the same fabric.  Then I added a tag to each doll that reads “sisters” in Chinese calligraphy.

I sewed up until the last minute before we left.  I actually had to hand finish the skirts on the way to Chicago.  It was my plan to give the girls the dolls on Saturday night when all of the families would get together.


I had been so busy trying to finish the dolls that I hadn’t had a chance to take a picture of them.  Here they all are.  Not a good photo, but it has all 14 of them.


Here is the “sisters” tag.

Now to get ready for the fun night ahead!

More Chinapalooza to come…………


Ashleigh said...

Teri, these were such a priceless, precious gift! Catie loves hers and has been playing with it constantly. Thank you so much!

I love the couch picture of all the dolls lined up. Could you upload it to the Shutterfly site? It would be great in an album. :-)

Kim K. said...

Those dolls are just so darling! You should consider selling them. You are one talented Momma. What a wonderful gift to share with your daughter's travel mates. Hugs.

Beach Mama said...

Thank you for your compliment. It’s more like a labor of love than talent! Mostly I make the dolls as gifts. I have made dolls for a few people, but I don’t sell them. If someone wants me to make a doll, I just ask that they make a donation to Love Without Boundaries. In that way, they determine what the doll is worth to them and it helps a child that needs help.

Beach Mama said...


I am so glad Catie loves her doll. I realize some girls may not play with dolls, but it can be a keepsake. But they are really made to be loved and played with!

Annie said...

Wow Teri!! Those are amazing! What a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do:)