Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chinapalooza 2010

Five years ago, 23 families traveled together to China on an adoption journey.  Our travel group had become cyber-friends during our wait for referral.  But in July 2005, we all came together to as we journeyed to adopt our children.  Eight families received referrals from Guangdong Province, and the remaining families received referrals from Jiangxi Province.  Many friendships were formed and remain today.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of families in our lives.

Each year, we try to get together for a reunion.  This isn’t an event through our adoption agency (no longer exists), but as friends trying to keep our daughters’ China-connections in tact.  Here at the sand castle we refer to the girls as our “China cousins.”  The reunions take place in various places. However, there is a concentration of families in the Chicago area.  It is also a central location to travel to.  Our reunion this year was held in Chicago.  Someone once referred to our reunion as “Chinapalooza”, and it has stuck.

I first have to say that the Chicago families really know how to throw a party!!!  Wow!  We had an amazing time.  The attention to the tiniest of details.  Everything seemed flawless. 

We arrived a day and a half early to experience a little more of Chicago.  We checked into our hotel in the early afternoon then set out to do a little sightseeing and to get our bearings. 

The first destination was The Lego Store, conveniently located across the street from our hotel.  This was like Mecca for Godzilla!  I wish I had taken more photos of the displays as they were amazing.  I guess I thought we would be coming back to the store:).  I think Godzilla has decided he wants to be Lego display designer/builder when he grows up.  It’s the perfect job for someone that could play/put together Legos all day long.

 DSCN4126 (2)

The Princess and The Queen with Sheriff Woody.

DSCN4127 (2)

Big Tuna and Darth Vader.


One of the displays featuring Chicago city, the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, and Steven Spielberg.

DSCN4130 (2)

The Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower).

DSCN4131 (2)

A Bionicle T-Rex.

DSCN4133 (2)

R2D2 with Godzilla.

DSCN4134 (2)

Godzilla with a Bionicle.


The girls.


Lego world.

More Chinapalooza 2010 to come……


Sonia said...

Lego world looks amazing! Glad y'all had a good time.

Our anniversary (gotcha) is next month. I'd love to have a reunion of families! We've never done that.

Can't wait to see more pics.

Kim K. said...

How much fun! It's so important to keep these China connections for our daughters. I'm hoping to connect with two of our adoptive families while we are in FL and then in GA. I can't wait to see more pics!!

Vivian M said...

What wonderful photos! So glad you all made it to this year's Chinapalooza. We are sorry we missed it!
I cannot get over you have a son who is already college bound. No way!