Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look at What I Found

I am not a shopper.  Well, maybe I like to look and hunt for items on-line.  But I really do not like to drag myself along with 3 children to a store.  But it so happened that I had put off until the very last minute going into town to buy something that The Princess’ preK teacher needed THAT DAY.

I did have The Queen with me as I couldn’t leave her at home with Godzilla.  We ventured into town and ran as many errands as I could cram into a trip into town with only 2 hours to do it.  We went to a store that I really do not like going to or taking any children in to, Wal*mart.  But I needed groceries and the preK item.  I didn’t want to go to two stores when I could get everything at one store.

The Queen begged me to “look at” toys.  I explained I wasn’t buying any toys,  but we could “look” if she wanted to start writing a Christmas list.  Well, she didn’t really care what I said as long as the outcome was “look at toys.”

We cruised the Barbie aisle, the Fairies, the My Little Pet Shop toys, bicycles…then we came to a collection of Madame Alexander dolls.


I hadn’t seen these dolls before.  They were 18” dolls, I would dare say, a MA type of AG dolls.  There were the dolls and all of the clothes, paraphernalia that you would expect for an AG-type doll.  There were probably 15 dolls on the shelf.  I began to go through looking at each doll.  Blond Caucasian,  Brunette Hispanic, beautiful AA, and a Red-haired Caucasian. 

Then I saw “her.”


An Asian doll.  A very, very pretty Asian doll.  Now we have Ag dolls, but this doll had a much prettier face than the AG dolls.  The price?  $28.

I looked through the entire display of dolls.  I found 3 Asian beauties.  One for The Princess, one for The Queen, and one for….I called my friend that is about to travel to China…and one for Ellie!

I wanted the dolls to be a Christmas present, but The Queen was with me.  I couldn’t leave them on the shelf because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back in time before someone else bought them.  So, I did what you would expect.  I bought all 3.


She is much prettier in person!

Disclaimer:  I love dolls.  My Mama loved dolls.  I wouldn’t say I’m a collector, but I probably do get a little more excited over a doll than my girls.  I still have my absolute favorite dolls from my childhood.  I also have a collection of dolls that were my Mama’s.


Kim K. said...

Thanks for the tip! She's just lovely. I love dolls too...probably more than Josie.

Sonia said...

I love her!

Annie said...

I think Walmart is calling my name!!! LOL!