Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Wall

Have you hit it yet?  I certainly have.  I hit my “fall wall” about 2 weeks ago.  Actually, I think I slammed into it.  Do you know what I am talking about?  This is a phenomenon that occurs every fall, after school has been in session for about 9 weeks.  The kids don’t seem to retain anything they have been learning.  It is a lot darker and cooler at 6:30 in the morning and all you want to do is stay in bed and sleep.  Not only that, but we had what was it, 23 inches of rain a week or so ago.  Fall.Wall.

So, how do you remedy FallWallitis?  You take a day off.  That is exactly what we did.  Today was sunny, high in the 80’s, but the best part was we didn’t have any commitments.  This is how you get out of the funk that all of the rain and routine can put you in.  You head to the ocean.


Can you hear the theme song to “Miami Vice” in the background????  Godzilla is wearing Captain Daddy’s “Sonny Crocket” shades.  Something about breathing the salt air rejuvenates a body.


Looking at jellyfish swimming by.


Southern refreshment.

DSCN4654 (2)

Fishing for flippies!


Not catchin’ a thing, but having a great time at it!

All in all, we caught and released 3 small fish.  The tide was the highest I have ever seen.  Not the best time to fish. But that was just an excuse to get the whole family together and just enjoy each other and God’s wonderful creation around us.



Vivian M said...

Never heard of Fall Wall but experience Winter Wall every now and then. ;o)
Glad you all took a beautiful day off!

Annie said...

What a great way to shake the Fall Wall!! We spent every afternoon this week outside! It was gorgeous!!

Kim K. said...

Everyone deserves a day off. What an awesome way to spend it.