Friday, October 29, 2010

I Scored Big Time!

I won an online auction the other day!  I usually don’t win because I am cheap frugal and do not usually bid very high.  In this particular case, I had the item on my watch list.  I received the customary email right before the auction ended warning that my watched item “might get away” if I didn’t spring into action.  Which I did.  I hadn’t yet placed a bid on the item.  The price started at $9.99 and there was one bid.  Two minutes were left on the clock.  I quickly placed my bid, expecting to be outbid.  But I wasn’t. 

What did I win?

A collection of 15 brand new books on China.

Step Into the Chinese Empire

Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats - (Collection of Chinese holiday tales, activities & recipes)

Daisy Comes Home - Jan Brett

Children in China - Michael Karhausen

Sing 'n Learn Chinese, w/CD - Children's Songs

Ancient China Stencils - (Craft Kit)

At the Beach - Huy Voun Lee

Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes

The Dragon Prince - A Chinese Beauty & The Beast Tale

FaMulan - (Scholastic)

Kites: Magic Wishes That Fly Up to the Sky

Look What Came From China

Science in Ancient China

Growing Up in Ancient China

Chin Chiang and the Dragon's Dance


The best part is that of the 15 books, I only had one of the books, and it is wrecked from usage.  I received the books today and you would have thought it was Christmas!

Oh, my winning bid…$10.50.


Kim K. said...

You did score BIG! Good for you! Enjoy!

Annie said...

Cool!!! Don't ya just love getting a great deal like that!!

Vivian M said...