Saturday, December 4, 2010

He’s Making a List…

Godzilla that is, not Santa. Actually, Godzilla has been working and re-working his list since about..June 2010. Christmas is (looming) upon us. I first started hearing Christmas songs on the radio about three weeks ago and nearly hyperventilated! Let me remind you, I am not a shopper. That aspect of Christmas doesn’t do anything but make me frantic.

So what is on Godzilla’s list? Currently, which could change at any moment, he has an Xbox360, video games for various gaming platforms, a few movies, Lego set, and a book series.

Big Tuna hasn’t gotten around to making a list. He has, however, bookmarked a few pages on the internet in case I want to check it out. According to his bookmarked pages, he wants an airsoft rifle with accessories. Big Tuna, being the ever caring big-brother, has offered to help Santa in identifying the correct Xbox360 for Godzilla. I told him I appreciate his offer, but it is out of my hands and in the hands of Santa:).

The girls, well, they want everything they see on TV. The Princess has been specific in a few items, such as, a REAL make-up table, not the toy one in her bedroom, pierced ears, and high, high-heel shoes. Sigh.

Captain Daddy is ever evasive in answering the question.

Me? Well, I’d love a RHW:)


Annie said...

Oh how I wish I could be Santa and give you that RHW!!!!!

Vivian M said...

What is a RHW?

Kerri came home from school and told me Christmas is not about Santa, it is about Jesus' birthday. Talk about a wow moment for me!

Beach Mama said...

A RHW in adoption lingo means a Reluctant Husband Waiver
Kerri is completely right about Christmas. Amazing that child knows the true meaning while many adults still do not. I’ve enjoyed reading about your Hanukkah celebration this year. Though I am so sorry you have been so ill. I have a very dear friend that is Jewish and every year I put together a Hanukkah gift package for her. I love doing it and it blesses her so.