Saturday, June 18, 2011


What do you get a Dad that has everything for Father’s Day?  An iDad, of course!

You’ve never heard of an iDad?  I first learned on an iDad from the Tip Junkie.  Ours isn’t quite the same…especially since I have never seen one.  But I think Captain Daddy will love it!

DSCN5614It has “apps” that are appropriate for Captain Daddy.  Plus, there is no telephone, emails, or voice mails to contend with!


And where there wasn’t a real app, I created my own.  You just lift up the “app” and read all the things that makes Captain Daddy special to us.


Happy Father’s Day, Captain Daddy!

I am sure he will especially love it because he will get the full effect of being a Dad tomorrow.  You see he and Godzilla will be heading out to Boy Scout summer camp at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow.  Boy Scouts has a way of hijacking holidays.  Mother’s Day was the Boy Scout Spring Camporee.  Maybe that was a Mother’s Day gift?

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