Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Plans

Happy First Day of Summer!

Like most of y’all, I have grandiose summer plans for doing all of the things I can’t get done during our school year.  So I thought I would create a list so I can keep track of things.  I don’t want to make my summer busy, but I want to do a few things. 

We are going to be continuing with “summer school.”  It is kind of a long story, but we started school middle of August 2010.  However, we spent about the first month just reviewing/easing into the school year.  The Princess didn’t start PreK until middle of September and I wanted to get on a regular schedule before diving in.  The problem with that theory was that put us a month behind in our curriculum once we did get started.  We also had a few false starts in subjects where it was revealed to me that there were some learning gaps that had to be filled in.  So we were further “behind” in a few subjects. I know I shouldn’t get hung up on grade levels, but I am.  Especially when it comes to Godzilla.  So we will continue with the 3 R’s over the summer, but hopefully in a light, fun way.

Other than that my list includes:

1.  Go to the beach!


2.  Evaluate/Reflect upon 2010-2011 school year to move forward with the 2011-2012 school year.

3.  Go to the beach!


4.  SEW!  I have several sewing projects I would like to do, dresses for the girls, dolls, etc.

5.  Go to the beach!


6.  Scrapbook.  I am years behind in this project.  I really don’t think I will get this re-started though.  My scrapbooking process is pretty rigid, and I can’t just do it at a moment’s notice.  Maybe I should take inventory I what I even have as it has been so long since I have dragged out all of my supplies.

7.  Go to the beach!


8. Organize my recipes.

9.  Go to the beach!


10. Organize my classroom/files.

11.  Go to the beach!


12. Plan 2011-2012 school year.

13.  Go to the beach!


14.  File papers/receipts/etc.

15.  Go to the beach!


16.  Clean my house.

17.  Did I mention that I want to got to the beach?



Kim K. said...

Enjoy that well-deserved beach time. We're leaving Saturday for our week-long vacation on Lake MI. Can't wait. The water temps aren't the warmest, but the sand and sunsets are fabulous.


Vivian M said...

I like your list! Now go to the beach already! :o)