Saturday, June 4, 2011

Washington, D. C.

A few weeks back, we took a “field trip” to Washington, D.C.  Captain Daddy and I had been a few times before we were married (approximately 25 years ago).  It seems that each spring (after tax-season) we start planning a trip to D.C. then don’t follow through.  We did follow through this year.  Like most of our trips, it was short and sweet.  We spent a total of 3 days in D.C., along with every school group, and tour group.  One day it seemed as though everyone was speaking French. Another day it was like being in China with Chinese tourists everywhere.  All in all it was a good trip, though the girls are too young for most of what we did.

Each day we had a “tour” scheduled so much of our sight-seeing revolved around getting to these tours.  We pretty much left it up to the boys to decide what we should see since our time was limited and we wanted to make the most of it.  Big Tuna was in charge of most of the picture taking, as I was generally lagging behind everyone while pushing one of the Royal Duo in their Royal Carriages (strollers).  It is interesting to see what “interests” a 19-yo when sight-seeing, as you can see:


Arlington Cemetery with headstones in linear form.


Library of Congress.  Did you know you can get your own Library card to access all documents/books?


The Ooh-La-La Sisters on Capital Hill.


“The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew” at the National Gallery of Art.  We only say the West wing as Big Tuna thinks contemporary art (East wing) is a waste of time.


“St. Paul with Book and Sword”


Not sure who or what this was (Medieval Gallery).


Looks like Forced Family Fun to me:)


Some sort of Battle (Capital Building)


Weapons from WWII (Air & Space Museum)


Airplane cockpit with “Incendiary Bomb.”


On the Mall.


Poets Gallery in the Library of Congress


“Anarchy” depicting the failure of government.


Close up on “Anarchy.”


Lincoln Memorial


Big Tuna thought this was hilarious.


Vietnam Memorial

When I was a young girl back in the Vietnam War Era, I had a POW bracelet.  I no longer have the bracelet, but I can still remember the name on the bracelet, Lt. Col. John W. Held.  We searched and found his name on the wall.  Ironically, I lived about 50 miles from where he was from.



The White House from a distance.  We did tour the White House.  The Princess only got called down once by the Secret Service:).

The camera battery then died and I could not find the battery charger that I knew I had brought.

Once home, it took my feet about 2 days to recover from all of the walking:)


Kim K. said...

2 years ago I brought the family with me to DC for a work-conference. Your pictures bring back good memories...even the sore feet.

Vivian M said...

What an awesome trip and experience for everyone! Thank you for sharing the pictures!