Monday, July 18, 2011

Goodbye Marie (Grandma)

Captain Daddy’s Mama went to be with her Lord and Savior this past week.  She was greatly loved and will be missed very much.  She was the last of our parents to go. 

Marie was born in 1933 in a rural county here in North Carolina.  Her parents were farmers and she was raised on a farm.  Farming is one of those things that has to be genetic as she always loved to grow a garden and flowers.

Marie married and had four children, Captain Daddy being the second oldest.  She was a strong-willed woman, but in a very southern gentile way.  She taught all of her children (boys and girls) to cook, sew, clean house, iron clothes, etc.  She equipped them to each be self-sufficient.

I first met Marie when I was 18 years old.  I remember I was driving past Captain Daddy’s house and gathered up my nerve and stopped to see if he was at home.  He wasn’t home, but his Mama told me to please come back when he was home.  I was a;ways welcomed in her home from the gitgo. 

My “courtship” with her son was a long one (13 years) and she wondered as often as I did if we would ever get married. We did finally marry.

Picture 007

My Mama, me, Marie on my wedding day.

I never considered her a mother-in-law, but a mother-in-love.  I know that sounds sappy, but she loved like her daughters and I loved her as my mama.  She never, ever meddled or intruded into our marriage.

She taught me much throughout the years.  I learned to sew and I made my own clothes during college and grad school.  I learned to cook biscuits, gravy, and chicken & pastry.  Although, my chicken rice will never taste as good as hers.

She loved all of her grandchildren.  She was my prayer partner when God first laid adoption on my heart.  Long before Captain Daddy was on board with it.  I guess she had “adopted” me as her daughter and understood it.  When we were going through the paperchase, she had planned to go to China with us.  However, health circumstances prevented it.

Grandma and little, Big Tuna.

marie 012 

Picture 013 


Grandpa Darrel, Godzilla, and Grandma.


Grandma and The Princess.


Grandma and the girls.


Marie retired from her career in retails sales about four years ago.  She reached out to many and considered it her ministry.  Marie had gone through some painful experiences and God used her to minister to others.


Marie had heart issues for many years.  She underwent several heart procedures.  The last procedure was different.  She went into with two expectations.  She would be physically healed, or God would restore her.  She was at peace with this knowledge.  God chose to restore her.  The doctors said they tried everything, but that her heart could not be fixed.  I think her her was just too tired from loving so much.

Goodbye to a beautiful woman, friend, wife, mother, and grandmother.  We will see you again.  But in the meantime you will be greatly missed.


Sonia said...


I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother-in-love sounds like she was one special lady! I am sure she will be greatly missed but she seems to have left a legacy.

Kim K. said...

Please know that I'm thinking of your family. What a beautiful tribute. Such lovely pictures.

Nicole Ross said...

Beautiful post! Sending prayers to your family during this time.

Vivian M said...

We are so very sorry for your family's loss. Sending thoughts and prayers and huge hugs for you all.