Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2005 – Gotcha Day!

I know many people cringe at the words “Gotcha Day” as they do not like how they come off, but I can think of no other way to describe it.  After spending about 22 hours in an airplane, we landed in Guangzhou around midnight on the 10th.  We were expecting our guide XiXi to be at the airport, but instead we were met by “Bob” and a driver.  Needless to say, it took a huge leap of faith to climb into the back of a van in the middle of the night with two men speaking Mandarin!

White Swan

We arrived at the White Swan hotel, checked in, and attempted to sleep. 



I have to admit that the sight of this crib in our room almost made me hyper-ventilate!

On Sunday, we met the other families in our travel group.  We had been communicating via a Yahoo group for months, it was nice to finally meet everyone in person.  Our travel group was split into two provinces.  There were eight families with referrals from MaoNan SWI.  We would meet the remaining 15 families the following week.   Our guide XiXi and her cousin Bob guided us through filling out paperwork, etc.  We went through a little training session where XiXi would call out our child’s name in Mandarin, so we would know our child’s name when we received them on Monday.


Our last breakfast as a family of four.  Don’t you love my attractive footwear?


Around 1 p.m., all of our travel group met in the downstairs lobby of the White Swan to travel to the Civil Affairs office where we would receive our children.  For some families, this would be their first child, for others it would be their second adoption.  Regardless, we were all excited, nervous, and beside ourselves!


It all seemed so surreal after months of dreaming of this moment.  We were herded into a conference room to wait as the babies had not yet arrived.  After giving birth two times, I can tell you this was the craziest “delivery room” I had been in.



Someone was always peeking out the door watching until the babies were spotted!  The babies have entered the building!  Most gathered around the door trying to get their first peek of their child.  I was frozen to my seat. 

One by one they started to bring the babies in.  The Queen’s name was called!  I made my way to the door.

love at first site

My first glimpse of The Queen.

Hey Baby

I took her in my arms and said, “Hey Baby, I’m your Mama.”



The Queen just stared, and stared at me with that same serious look we had seen in her referral photos.


“Who are these strange looking and funny sounding people?”


new family2

Godzilla had brought a few of his baby toys for The Queen.


The Queen did not cry.  She just watched and watched everything.

new family

The Queen’s Ayi came over and showed us her tickle spot under her chin.  It was the first smile we saw!


The Queen and her Ayi.


We had the opportunity to ask the caretakers questions about our child.  At this point I could barely form words, much less put them into a question.  I asked some really silly, non-information questions.

We left after a bit and travelled back to our hotel completely smitten with this bundle of love.


I cannot believe it has been six years since The Queen was placed into our arms. 

Happy Gotcha Day!



Vivian M said...

Happy Gotcha Day!!! I can certainly say it was awesome meeting you all the following week, though it was a bit crazy!

Kim K. said...

I never get tired of seeing gotcha day anniversary posts. It's such a life-changing experience. Continued blessings to your little Queen.

Sonia said...

Teri, I have the fever again. I feel it coming on. And this story just made it 10 times worse. Oh, my, what beautiful memories!