Sunday, July 31, 2011

So Loved – A Giveaway to Remember


So Loved was created By Wild Olive Tees to help bring Esther home from China to her forever family. Two months before coming home, Esther passed away from a virus that was complicated by her heart defect. Wild Olive Tees is proud to carry “So Loved” in their store in honor of Esther, and orphans around the world, so that God’s love will be glorified.

100% of the proceeds of the sale of each So Loved tee will be used to fund a future heart surgery for an orphan in China.

Please visit Wild Olive Tees and check out all of their tees.  I wish I had one of each plus several of the children tees!  They are beautiful.  The “So Loved” tee is more beautiful in person.  Right now they are having a giveaway of their “So Loved” tee.  Entry deadline is August 14th. Winners will be announced on the 15th.

Wild Olive is looking forward to seeing what God does with their efforts, it is their prayer that Esther’s short life would be honored, and that His love for Esther – and for orphans everywhere – would be glorified.


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