Thursday, July 28, 2011


When Captain Daddy’s sweet Mama passed away, we spent the better part of three days doing about 10 years worth of spring cleaning of our house.  I think the last time we cleaned the outside windows was after Hurricane Floyd in 1999!  We wanted to have friends and family come to our house following the funeral as we live closest to the cemetery. 

We use every square inch of our house to live in.  I grew up in a house that had a living room and dining room that were off limits.  They were being saved for that special occasion that never seem to come.  So when we built our house some 20 years ago, I wanted a livable house.  With four kids, homeschooling, etc.  things can pile up pretty quickly!  One thing about our house is that it has a LOT of windows.  That translates into very little wall space on the interior.  Our TV (10 year old massive box) was sitting on top of a coffee table and pushed up in the corner because when we upgraded our cable, it was just too much to try and put the TV back into the cubby hole. 


So our house didn’t exactly look like out of the pages of “Southern Living.”

Captain Daddy decided he just wanted to remove the TV from the living room.  Now this is where the girls watch TV.  Which seems like all the time.  The plan was just to get it out for the day.  However, it has now been 2.5 weeks. Now we do have 2 other TVs in the boys’ rooms.  But we have managed without a TV for 2.5 weeks.  The girls will occasionally go into one of the boys rooms to watch TV, but it has become less important to them.  They are actually playing together more, and with somewhat less arguing.  We all are reading more, and listening to music.


We have racked our brain trying to come up with some sort of more attractive way of incorporating a TV into our living room, but I think we are just going to not have one.  I am sure I am going to regret this decision when the new season of NCIS begins!


Kim K. said...

I'm so proud of you. We've had to put a limit on tv this summer. It's too easy to tune out when the tv is on...especially when it's hot outside and it's easy to just veg out. I'm definitely impressed.

Vivian M said...

TV's can be mounted on the wall (above the fireplace would be awesome) when they are flat screened, or can be mounted in a corner of the ceiling (think hospitals) with brackets that swivel. That way the TV is out of the way and away from little fingers.