Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Did the Summer Go????

It seems that my summer must have been hijacked, because I don't know where it went! I posted here about my plans for the summer. I thought I should take a reality check to see how much I have accomplished (or not).

1. Go to the beach!


2. Evaluate/reflect upon the 2010-2011 school year and to move forward with the plans for the 2011-2012 school year.

Kind of. I know I need to be better organized and to keep better records as I will be schooling 3 children instead of 2. I also know that we are going to be busy as I have ramped up this year with a day of "Classically Inspired Academics" on top of our loaded curriculum. You may find me huddled in a corner and pulling my hair out by about mid-October.

3. Go to the beach!


4. SEW! I have several sewing projects I would like to do, dresses for the girls, dolls, etc..

I did manage to make 2 dolls, one for my SIL, and one for Godzilla. Although, Godzilla refers to his as an "action figure." I'm still hoping to get the girls' mermaids sewn before school starts!

5. Go to the beach!


6. Scrapbooking.

I don't think painting with sidewalk paint nope.

7. Go to the beach!


8. Organize my recipes.

I started to get the binders together for all the recipes I have floating around. I've actually got the recipes all together, but not sorted/organized.

9. Go to the beach!


10. Organize my classroom/files.

Not even close.

11. Go to the beach!

Check. We even participated in a local marine science educational class.

12. Plan 2011-2012 school year.

I have actually been working very hard on planning the school year and record keeping. It will still be a work in progress, but I won't be clueless. I think homeschooling requires tweaking all of the time. There never is a "one size works for all" anything.

13. Go to the beach!


14. File papers/receipts, etc.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

15. Go to the beach!

Well, at least to the intracoastal waterway to do some scientific stuff with oyster racks.

16. Clean my house.

CHECK! When Captain Daddy's sweet Mama passed we did 10 years of spring cleaning in two days in anticipation of all of the family/friends coming by after the funeral.

17. Go to the beach!


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Sonia said...

Looks like you did the most important thing: make memories!