Sunday, October 23, 2011


No, I am not about to jump.  Our homeschool co-op has been working on a parachute project for Voice of the Martyr.  VOM assists and encourages Colombian Christians, who have been targeted by FARC guerillas for decades.  One way to help is to make parachutes which are used to drop Bibles and Christian literature into guerrilla-controlled areas.


Parachute kits were ordered.  The kit includes almost everything you need to make your parachute  (fabric, pattern, ribbon for straps, and plastic bag).  You will need fabric markers/sharpies/crayons and glue or sewing machine for the straps.


Our pack had enough fabric for 5 parachutes.  The pattern included the appropriate wording to use on the parachutes.  We chose “Dios es Amor” which translates to “God is love.”


To make it easier, I downloaded some Christian symbols to use on the parachutes.


Although there were lots of hearts and flowers added for aesthetics:)

The ribbons were pinned in place.


The ribbons were sewn on.


Almost done.


Then the bags were tied on.


It was a great project for the family.

The Princess was curious as to why the “Godzillas” did not like Jesus.  I explained that the guerrillas did not know about Jesus, but hopefully they would learn about Him, and love him because one of our parachutes had given them the Gospel. 

If you are interested in helping VOM, please check out their website:

Friday, October 7, 2011

What’s On My Camera?

It is always fun to download pictures from my camera as there are usually a few surprise photos that I did not take.  Sure enough, here are a few that I just found:


Just one of my many tea sets.  Yes, I admit that I collect tea sets.  Blame it on my first tea set when I was about 6 years old.


Pretty fairies all in a row.  These are The Queen’s from a previous birthday cake.  Her favorite is Rosetta.  The Princess loves Silvermist.  They both say I am Iridesa, because of our naturally curly hair.  AT least I have a waistline:)


“Well Ferb, I know what we are going to do today!”


“I pretend I don’t notice you.”


“I know you are still there. What is it with the paparzzi always wanting to take my photo!”


"”” “Hey!  Where are you going?”


Rescue hero to the rescue!


Reminds me of the seen from “Men in Black 2” at the end when J finds the aliens in his locker.

Agent J: Kay, we got to take them out. Show them there's more life than that locker.
Agent K: *sighs* Still a rookie. *opens a door, showing that humans live in a locker and there are many more aliens outside the door*


A Ha!  Self-portrait of the culprit!