Monday, February 6, 2012

A Very Busy Weekend, Indeed!

What a busy weekend!  Oyster roast, Winter Jam, Super Bowl XLVI, and the Lantern Festival.  But the BEST part actually started a few weeks ago.

I began to notice a change. A change in the girls’ attitudes towards each other.  Don’t get me wrong.  They get along as well as any other siblings, but being so close in age, and being together all day everyday (for the most part), well can make for some attitudes.  The Queen always wanted to be A-L-O-N-E, which made me cringe when imagining what a teenage version of The Queen was going to be like.  The girls were being kinder towards each other.  They were playing together more often and being kinder to each other. I noticed this change and even commented to them how happy it made my heart.

Then a few weeks ago, I was checking over The Queen’s school work.  Her curriculum is pretty much self-directed with assistance from me.  She reads her lessons and works through them and I help with key concepts and any questions she may have.  Her Social Studies lesson had been going over the church, pastors, etc.  As I looked over her lesson, it was about The Bible.  Specifically it was teaching about salvation and even asked the question, “Have you asked Jesus into your heart?”  This has also been something that we have been talking a lot about in her Sunday school class (grades 1st – 5th) as the timeline is of John the Baptist and Jesus beginning his ministry.  I made a mental note to myself to go over the lesson with her again the next day.

The next day when it came time for the Social Studies lesson, I sat down with her and The Princess.  I read the lesson to her and when I came to the question, “Have you asked Jesus into your heart?”, she immediately replied, “Yes.”  The Princess said, “So did I!”  I began questioning both of them about when and how and if they knew what it all meant. They were both adamant that they had done it and seem to respond appropriately to my questions.

Later that evening I told the news to Captain Daddy and asked him if he would talk with them.  Again, they both said they had asked Jesus into their hearts, and responded appropriately to his questions.  I (we) just wanted to make sure.  I do believe that they did ask Jesus into their hearts. 

We told them that the next thing they should do is to be baptized.  Our church does not have a baptistery and usually our baptisms are held in the summer at a church members swimming pool.  However, as only God can do things, our pastor and a pastor of a local church had been talking and the other pastor had offered to let our church use their baptistery for our next baptism!

So yesterday, February 5, 2012, on Super Bowl Sunday…


our two beautiful daughters became citizens of the Kingdom of God…


and the extra, extra special part….


was that Captain Daddy was allowed to baptize them!

Of course I didn’t remember that the camera could take video until after The Princess had been baptized.  I wanted a “do over”, but didn’t get the chance.  I didn’t think it would hurt if The Princess got “double-dipped'” :)  In fact, she probably needs it!

Yes, God has a plan for both of these precious girls. 

But He also has His work cut out for Him:).