Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello, my name is…

Beach Mama and this is my blog.  Well, I call it a blog though it has been so long since I posted, that it should be called a blog-less.  I thought I should introduce myself and my blog since it has been a while, and you have probably forgotten about me.

It has been a very busy, and somewhat complicated winter.  So, I’ll just do a quick re-cap of the past few months to bring y’all up to speed…


We celebrated Godzilla’s 13th birthday.  He is officially a teenager y’all!  Not to mention that he now surpasses his Mama in height (when did that happen???).  He wanted a “Yin/Yang” cake for his birthday..and this is what he got..


..and all from scratch I might add.


Next, we celebrated Big Tuna’s 20th birthday...


…with a “pink” (strawberry) cake.  It is what he wanted, and it is quite often requested by all around here. 

Then there was my birthday, and most recently Captain Daddy’s birthday. We won’t go into the specifics as they were very low-key.

This has been a rather mild winter.  So mild, in fact, we had some great beach days…

DSCN6738..discovering treasures! 



And finding beauty around us.


I wonder what he is thinking?

I have also discovered a lot of “random” photos on my camera taken by a “guest” photographer…


..including incriminating self-portraits.




(Who has been into Mama’s make-up?)

There also has been some play dates with friends.


I am looking forward to Spring.

I need renewal.