Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Letters to God

It has been a crazy, busy month!

Let me back up.  Last fall, we enrolled our girls in Beginning Ballet at the Glory Academy of Fine Arts dance studio. While the girls have been learning ballet and preparing for the end of year recital, I have also been learning things.   I have learned a lot over the past several months regarding growing out bangs, pinning not so long hair up into a bun, etc.  I have not been allowed to sit in on any of the girls’ dance class, so I really didn’t know what they were learning.  Oh, occasionally one of the girls would show us a dance movement at home, but they were pretty hush-hush about “The Production.”

Right after Christmas, the each girl in the dance academy was asked to write a letter or prayer to God.  What happened to those letters was truly amazing.


The letters/prayers were used to inspire the choreography, music choice, and artistic design of “The Production.” 

Last week was the “Tech” week.  Though my girls have been in dance classes before, I had not experienced a more professional one.  There was dress rehearsal each night before “The Production.”  I’m talking complete costume, make-up, and hair.  We (moms) were given a very detailed description of exactly what make-up and hair style our girls were to wear.


It was a long week!



But we got through it!

I was really excited to see how all of the “Letters to God” would come together.


It was AMAZING!  I am so proud of my girls and all of the girls in her class.  I don’t know if they will continue with dance class next year, but if they do it will be with GAFA.

DSCN7020Captain Daddy with his ballerinas!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It’s Almost Summer!

Yesterday Captain Daddy called during the middle of school.  He wanted to know if we had too much going on.  You see, the weather was perfect……and the tide was lowering…He wanted to know if we wanted to go to the beach. 

Being the rigid school Ma’arm that I am,

I dropped everything and grabbed the beach bag!


Let’s just call it a “field trip”, shall we?


A lesson in the observation of the tidal cycle…


from atop a boogie board…


and the contact of the waves…


and just the joy….


the beauty…..


and the wonder of it all!

DSCN6996 (2)