Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello! I am Beach Mama! Pleased to Meet you…Again

Ever feel like it has been so long since you talked to someone that you needed to reintroduce yourself?
Yep. That's where I am at. I've hardly blogged since May 2012. It wasn't an intentional break, but a much needed one. Since then, I've been left with the question of whether or not I want to step back into blogging or not. For a variety of reasons, I've opted to keep it going for a bit longer.  So,

Hello, I'm Beach Mama.  Nice to meet you!

In the meantime, what has happened since my blog break?  I often don't think much in my life is truly blog-worthy, but when taking a look at the last nine months, there are a few worthy mentions:

June 2012

The Queen spent a week at “Cowgirl Camp.” She absolutely loved being around the horses and doing cowgirl stuff.

horse camp 2

The Princess on the other hand spent a week at “Beauty Camp” learning to do and be all things beautiful.  Of course riding around town in a pink limo was a bonus!


July 2012

The month of July was also busy with a trip to Ohio for Chinapalooza 2012!! This is our annual trip to meet up with our 2005 adoption travel group families. Lots of fun for all!


Godzilla and Captain Daddy also spent a week at Camp Bodie Boy Scout camp (which is literally at the end of the world).


 There the boys learned to sail,


shoot rifles,


and other scouty types of activities.

August 2012

The Princess and The Queen spent a week learning to ride the waves with Shredder’s Surf Camp. The Princess was not into it very much, but The Queen was all about it! Looks like we may have a little Wahine on our hands.


Captain Daddy and Big Tuna made a pilgrimage with friends to Israel to visit our dear friend Roddey.


He took very good care of my men and showed them the beauty of this special country.



I am looking forward to making the trip in the future!

We began our 4th year of Homeschooling here at KLA! Wahoo! We currently have a 1st grader, 3rd grader, and 8th grader!


September 2012

The Queen celebrated her 8th birthday with a surfer girl themed party…


..And by getting her ears pierced.


We also celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon festival with dear friends, Karen and her daughter, Ellie. We made read “Thanking the Moon” by Grace Lin and made rabbit lanterns.

Copy of DSCN7630

We were still able to enjoy some family boating and fishing time.


October 2012

October 28th marked me and Captain Daddy’s 23 years of marriage!


And Trick-or-treating with a Pirate Princess and Cowgirl! It was the first year that Godzilla did not go with us (insert frowny face).

November 2012

Big Tuna, for the first time ever, exercised his right to vote!


(He is wearing an “I voted!” sticker!

A relaxing Thanksgiving spent at Harkers Island, Captain Daddy’s favorite place in the whole wide world.


(view from the porch of our rental) 

December 2012

The Princess celebrated her 7th birthday with a Pirate Princess boot-camp theme.



The Pirate-Princesses-In-Training learned to talk like pirates, swab the decks, walk the plank, tug-of-war against the brothers, and a treasure hunt for booty!


Christmas was small and quiet, as we remembered the reason for the season, Jesus Christ.

January 2013

Almost caught up! Let’s see…a quiet New Year’s Eve at home…


We celebrated Godzilla’s 14th birthday!

February 2013


We celebrated Big Tuna’s 21st birthday!


Valentine’s Day fun at our homeschool Co-op!

Celebrating my birthday today…but not my age!

Well, that gets us all caught up! Hopefully, I will keep the blog updated on a more regular basis.

Thanks for continuing to follow along because “Life is A Beach 4 Us!”


Vivian M said...

Welcome back! I missed you!

Annie said...

So glad you are back:):):)

Red Hen said...

Welcome Back. Glad to see you are back. I took a break last April, not really intentional either. I started again, new blog this time! Instead of Proverbs31Hands, which I may pick up again at some point, I'm at

It's great to see the pics of your year. I've not been reading and feel like I am catching up with all my bloggy friends. I've missed seeing pics of China kids the most.