Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gotcha Days

Summer is an extremely celebratory time for our family.  In case you didn’t know, two of our children were adopted (not that I can always remember which ones!). For those of you unfamiliar with the term “Gotcha Day”, it is an adoption term that refers to the anniversary of the day that we first met and received our adoptive children.  Of course in today’s culture any word or term can be offensive, and this one is no exception.  This day can also be referred to as: Family Day, Adoption Day…whatever you prefer.

Our family prefers Gotcha Day.  We celebrate this day.  Although our daughters were adopted 3 years apart, their “Gotcha Days” are only 2 weeks apart. 

love at first siteOur first glimpse of The Queen on our Gotcha Day in 2005.

Hey Baby 

Holding The Queen for the first time!


Getting to know each other.

IMG_0987 \

The Queen today.


Our first glimpse of The Princess in 2008.


Hoping to hold her in my arms.


Getting to know all of us.


The Princess today.

There is much to celebrate. 

Starting with preparations for the celebration….


starting with a hot pink, pink crystal, Funfetti cake…


for The Princess!


And an electric blue, strawberry cake…


for The Queen.

The both received a special gift this year.  A special necklace.


Special necklaces with their birth cities, and the character for “love.”

If you are interested in a special necklace such as these, you may find them here.

Happy Gotcha Day(s) to The Queen and The Princess!

We love you so much and know what a gift you are to us.

Two children born to two different women call me Mama. The depth of the tragedy and magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me.

(I have modified this quote by Joy Landers.)


Red Hen said...

Happy Gotcha Day to the Queen and Princess. I love the necklaces! I might have to copy you!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Happy Gotcha celebrations. Such precious girls. I love their necklaces. When Josie is older, I'd love to do the same thing for her with a necklace.

Vivian M said...

Happy Gotcha Day! Love their necklaces!